American Physical Society March Meeting 2011

Dallas, Texas  March 21-25, 2011

Oral Sessions

  • D26.00009(4:30PM-4:42PM, March 21):
    Y. Imai, H. Takahashi, T. Okada, A. Maeda, K. Kitagawa, K. Matsubayashi, M. Takigawa, Y. Uwatoko, N. Nakai, Y. Nagai, M. Machida
    "Microwave surface impedance measurements of LiFeAs and LiFe(As,P) single crystals" (abstract)
  • D26.00010(4:42PM-4:54PM, March 21):
    A. Maeda, H. Takahashi, D. Nakamura, T. Akiike, F. Nabeshima, Y. Imai, S. Komiya, I. Tsukada
    "Electromagnetic response of Fe(Se,Te) in the superconducting sate" (abstract)
  • L26.00012(5:06PM-5:18PM, March 22):
    D. Nakamura, F. Nabeshima, Y. Imai, A. Maeda, T. Katase, H. Hiramatsu, H. Hosono
    "Doping dependence of Ba(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$)$_2$As$_2$ thin films by the THz conductivity measuremen" (abstract)